Sunday, March 28, 2010

everyone's afraid of something...or several things

For some reason, I had the idea last night, as I was floating through subconsciousness towards sleep, that I should write about the things I'm afraid of. Both serious things and seemingly goofy things make my list.
  • I'm a little terrified of deep, dark water.  Unidentifiable beings pulling me underwater. Getting disoriented while underwater, and not being able to find the surface. Large creatures underwater. Sometimes, movies and photos of deep seas, especially the ones that look up towards the surface, make me dizzy and I can't look at them.
  • Mirrors have always freaked me out. When I was little, sometimes kids would go into the church bathrooms, turn out the lights, and say a little chant (usually having something to do with "bloody Mary" or "Sandman"...freaky, I know), turn around three times...and supposedly a face would appear in the darkened mirror. I'd never go in with them, or if I did, I'd always run out before the face was supposed to appear.  Also, I remember a movie where the mirror was actually another world, and sometimes things moved in the mirror but not in "real life."  I'm constantly imagining that maybe one day, there will be something in the mirror that isn't in "real life." Or the other way around. Either way, it would be really scary, and I consider this possibility quite frequently.  Mostly late at night. :)
  • At some point many years ago, I had a daydream wherein I was sitting in an old, creaky wooden chair, and it broke underneath me, and a long splinter from one of the rails went into my spine and paralyzed me.  Don't ask me where, in the unplumbed depths of my imagination, the dream came from.  ...But, I mean, it could happen. I don't make a habit of sitting in creaky wooden chairs anymore. I bet you won't now, either. 
  • Sometimes I watch TV shows I really shouldn't, like the ones about hauntings and spirits and demons and general contact with the spiritual world.  I'm a Christian, and I know the spiritual world is far more extensive, and active, and powerful, than we realize. I also know God is always with me, but I've heard enough tales from other Christians that I know we certainly aren't exempt from truly chilling experiences. I'm scared of having some kind of experience of my own. (Especially if it were in conjunction with the mirror issue. See what I mean? Do you??)
  • My most real fear is probably finding out that I have been deceived by someone I love and care for.  Realizing they aren't what I thought they were.  It hasn't happened to me yet, so I don't know why I'm so afraid of it. In general, I'm afraid of dishonesty, or maybe more significantly, some inability of mine to discern it. 
What kinds of things are you afraid of...whether silly things, or serious ones?


  1. Nikki, I too am afraid of deep oceans! Mine is more the thought that something hugh, like a whale, is out there under my feet!! Hated the windows at a Seaworld kind of place where I could see all of a Manetu. Ekk. No cruises for me.

  2. i have a water thing too. i don't like water i can't see to the bottom. so you're not alone there.
    i also have many other fears, but the more hours i spend in God's Word consistantly, the less these fears come to mind (except hights. that one gets me every time!) :)

  3. I too am afraid of deep water- in particular the ocean & sharks. Funny that I grew up right on the coast of Maine & I do not swim in the ocean. lol
    Just stopping by to say thanks for stopping by & commenting on my blog! I'll be checking out the links you suggested in your comment & I do hope you come back & tell me about your menu planning if you do start it! :)